English version

Dear Colleagues,

I kindly inform you on the availability of the English language version of the website of the Hungarian Society for the History of Pharmacy at https://www.gyogyszeresztortenet.hu/en/

This English version of our website contains translations of book, yearbook and article titles from 1745 up to our days, linked to their full contents in pdf.

A Google search engine is also provided to find easily and systamatically any relevant information.

About 85-90% of all Hungarian papers on the history of pharmacy from the last 60 years (more than 1400 papers) are available now in full contents, in addition to 89 books from 1745, 47 Doctoral theses and 103 pharmaceutical yearbooks, pocket calendars and Almanachs from 1861.

In many papers you can find an English (or German and Russian) abstract, but even the titles can provide you essential  information among many other things on the development of pharmacy education, industry or community pharmacy in Hungary, which can be interesting in case of an international survey.

If necessary, we can help you in translation of the paper(s) you are interested in.

With my kind regards,

Szabolcs Dobson


Hungarian Society for the History of Pharmacy